Board Members

Meet our Aldama PTA board members for the 2017-2018 school year.

President: Jana Fain-Rossen

Jana should be known as Jana Fain-Rawesome! She's in her first term as president, after serving on our board for 3 years, and learning all the ropes. Go Jana!

Executive Vice President: Claire Moynihan

As a mother of 3 hawks, including a third grader and first grade twins, there's nothing that Claire can't handle! She has put the FUN in fundraising by initiating our annual Aldama Dodger Days that everyone loves. 

Vice President: Darin Anthony

 Darin brings some new (and male!) energy to our PTA board. He's an active parent of 3 great kids, including a third and first grader. His can-do spirit and helpful attitude are going to be a huge asset to our board this year!

Treasurer: Rebecca LaFond

Rebecca is a mother of 2 crazy hawks in first and fourth, and her oldest now at FDLA. 

Secretary: Jenny Morgan

After being at Aldama for one year, Jenny couldn't help but join our PTA board! While she may be new(ish), she's already been helping Aldamal by building the school website, and you may recognize her from the safety valet. She's the very stylish mother of a fourth grader and a third grader.

Co-Secretary: Colleen Cavanaugh Anthony

Colleen joins as a first time board member, with big plans that go beyond just our PTA fundraising. Her ideas are going to help us keep different perspectives as we plan and provide for Aldama. As the mom of 3 kids, understanding different needs comes easy to her.

Historian: Isabelle Padilla

Isabelle is excited to take on the role of historian after spending 2 years as secretary. Now she gets to document the PTA in a whole new way! Over the past 3 years, since her 4th grader joined Aldama, she has been working hard with the PTA to bring together fundraisers and events!

Parliamentarian: Vicky Martinez

Vicky is old school Aldama. Like so old school that she actually went here as a child. And now  she has been an active board member for 6 years to help support Aldama and beyond for her own 4 boys.